Using FREE Wi-fi in Korat

I plan to blog about this many times but the services are often changed and also I do not often use it.

Generally, there are 2-3 Wi-fi hotspot providers in Korat which are True, TT&T and TOT. For the last one, because it's so xxx and yyy so I would not write about it :P

Firstly, TRUEWi-fi, the hotspots cover widely in town including The Mall and Klang Plaza. The service is normally charged BUT you can use it for free ! ....like Bangkokian, you know they have free wifi service with limited speed called "Green Bangkok Wi-Fi". All you need to do is registering like you are Bangkok people then you'll receive an account for using in Korat. (so we now know that TRUE does not seperate authenticated server between Bangkok and others :P)

Read conditions and register here

Moreover, TT&T also provides free wifi around Tao Suranaree Monument (free for just 20 minutes). All you need to do is search for signal of TT&T then browsing and registering with your name and 13-digit from ID Card. The 29 hotspots are now provided in the city.

Others, you can use Wifi for free in many coffee shops around Korat. My favorite one is Teddy Coffee (near Klang Plaza). There are also other places but you may need to ask for authenticated password.

Enjoy wifi life in Korat...

ps. i also blog this entry using free truewifi, thanks !

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Man, really want to know how can you be that smart, lol...great read, thanks.